General Info

End of May Bank Holiday Weekend
Friday 25th – Monday 28th May 2018


We will be announcing ticket release dates from September onwards. Stay tuned for more information via our Facebook Page and website.




This is a ticket only event, there won’t be any tickets available on the door.

You will be asked to present valid ID upon entry (Passport, Divers License or ID PASS).

Please note that we will only be issuing weekend tickets. Apologies to anyone who was thinking of coming for one day, you’re either in or you’re out! Camping is included in the price of the ticket.

All tickets must match the ID of the person holding that ticket upon entry. If you wish to resell your ticket to a friend, please ensure you bring valid ID or a photocopy of the ID belonging to the ticket purchaser.

No admission without a ticket or valid accreditation. Please ensure you keep your tickets with you after you receive your wristbands, as you will need to present both to re-enter the site.

Anyone found without a valid ticket or who gained access by fraudulent means will be evicted immediately to a suitable location at our discretion. There will be regular wristband checks across the site, so we ask you to please support the party and buy a ticket.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at and we’ll help you with anything you need.


Age Restrictions


This is an over 18s event, and you will be asked to provide valid ID upon entry (Passport, Drivers License or ID PASS). Photocopies will not be accepted.




Camping is included in the price of the ticket.

Please note that no fireworks, barbeques, gas camping stoves or heaters are allowed on site.




Everyone needs to eat, and even more so when you’re dancing day and night. We will therefore be bringing some of the best food vendors to Virgo Festival, offering you a variety of delicious food throughout the weekend.

Please note that you are more than welcome to bring your own food to the festival, however personal fires, BBQ’s and other cooking devices are strictly forbidden.




The Virgo bar will be offering you anything from soft drinks to cold beers to fruity cocktails at very reasonable prices, whether you’re sitting back and staring up at the stars or rocking it on the dancefloor!

You will be limited to eight cans of beer or cider, OR two bottles of wine per person. Strictly NO SPIRITS OR HARD LIQUORS will be allowed on site, so if you want something stronger head over to bar! Searches will be operated upon entry to ensure that no excess alcohol is being brought on site.

Please ensure that all alcohol has been DECANTED into plastic containers – strictly NO GLASS is allowed on site. Please respect this rule – the last thing we want is for someone, a poor rabbit, sheep or any other wonderful being on this planet to hurt themselves during or after the event.
All alcohol brought to the festival must remain within the campsite. The event relies on the bar to make everything possible so we kindly ask you to please respect this rule and help us make the magic happen!




Please be aware that Virgo does not tolerate illegal drug use. Anyone caught using or distributing illegal substances will be severely reprimanded (this includes legal highs). There will be searches upon entry and re-entry to stop any prohibited items from entering the site.


Respect the Land


The party is set in one of the most beautiful historic manors in the country, with over 800 years of history. It is the dear home of our friends whom have kindly allowed us to host a party on their property. We ask you to please respect the grounds and it’s surroundings, and treat it like your own by throwing away any litter in the bins and ashtrays provided, and to keep the site as clean as possible for us all to enjoy. We will give you bin bags upon entry, so please be sensible and use them. Keep it green, keep it clean!


No Cash Point


Please note that there will be NO CASH POINT on site. The bar will be taking card payments and there will be limited cash back available, however we strongly advise you to come prepared with enough money you may need for the weekend.


The Lake


We regret to announce that there is a strict ‘NO SWIMMING’ policy at Virgo. The lake on site is to remain out of bounds throughout the course of the event, and anyone found to be breaking this rule will have their wristband removed and evicted from the festival immediately.


Disabled Access


We’d like to make Virgo a party available to anyone and everyone. We are devoted to making the location as accessible as possible to cater for all individuals’ access needs. Please get in touch at for more information.


Other Terms and Conditions


No glass. All must be decanted in to plastic containers.

Alcohol – limited to 8 cans of beer or cider, or 2 bottles of wine.


No barbeques, gas camping stoves or heaters.

No Nitrous Oxide canisters or dispensers.

No legal highs.

No dogs allowed.

No cooking facilities or heaters will be allowed on site.

No spray paint. The party is set in one of the most beautiful historic homes in the country and we have put our heart and soul in to transforming it into a new reality for you all. So please respect this and refrain from being silly by tagging or graffitying.

No fireworks, flares or pyrotechnics.

No anti-social or offensive behaviour will be tolerated. Don’t be that person who ruins the vibe, lets all play nice and have a good time.

No independent sound systems other than small portable speakers will be allowed into the campsite. The party will be geared up with amazing sound systems, so just come and join us on the dancefloor!

No stalls or market sales without permission of the organisers.